• Mediation or Litigation?

    If that is the choice why choose mediation? Mediation enables people in dispute to work out their own agreements in a civilized way rather than having terms imposed by a judge working within a legal straightjacket.

Opening Hours

Mediators don't work 9 to 5. We will accommodate our client's needs and diaries including offering appointments on weekends and public holidays.

  • Efficient Process

    The mediation process is fast and generally much cheaper than litigation. Mediation takes account of commercial and practical considerations rather than pure legalities.

In all types of mediations, commercial, corporate, commercial franchising, consumer or workplace the Coffs Harbour Mediation ( CHM ) nationally accredited mediator works with the parties to achieve lasting dispute resolution. When undertaking workplace mediation including WorkCover return to work rehabilitation as part of RTW plans CHM liaise with workers compensation insurers and employers to achieve mutually agreed outcomes and the employees successful return to pre-injury duties.

Employers must look at their workplace culture carefully and dispassionately. A recent SMH article describes the issues well;


Franchising disputes are mediated in accordance with the Australian Franchising Code that regulates franchising throughout Australia.

Coffs Harbour Mediation service is nationally accredited, professional, efficient and confidential. The mediator is strictly impartial and the mediation process is entirely voluntary. No agreements are imposed by the mediator and the Parties are assisted to their own individually tailored solutions.  

John Rosley the founder of Coffs Harbour Mediation has spent more than thirty years as a litigation solicitor working on both commercial and family litigation and is experienced in dealing with complex issues as well as challenging personalities. John like many other professionals from varied backgrounds has become a nationally accredited mediator to help restore good sense to dispute resolution. John works to achieve fair and lasting outcomes at sensible cost and within the client's budget. Mediation makes commercial sense and the sooner ADR is undertaken the better the outcomes achieved. 

CHM undertake return to work mediation and play an important part in return to work plans where workplace conflict was a significant factor in the employees absence from work. Employers are encouraged to mediate workplace conflicts early. Mediation costs far less than dealing with loss of staff, recruitment costs and all too often workers compensation claims and the inevitable increase in workers compensation insurance premiums.

We mediate commercial corporate and workplace disputes quickly and the first meeting with our client can usually take place within 48 hours of the client inquiry. 

John Rosley is a mediator on the ACCC list of specialist mediators for Franchising disputes. The issues that arise between Franchisor and Franchisee are as varied as are the vast variety of franchised businesses. If unresolved a good business can be turned into a nightmare for everyone concerned. Franchising offers benefits to both Franchisor and Franchisee and both must observe the Franchising Code that regulates Australian Franchises.

Mediation is by far the preferred dispute resolution process. If you wish to resolve your dispute quickly and outside of the blunt legal process of the courts or to extricate yourself or your business from expensive and unproductive arguments or litigation contact CHM without obligation to explore what Coffs Harbour Mediation can do for you or your organisation.